Steyning Methodist Church:
Location in the Village

The centre of Steyning is at the crossing of the High Street and Church Street. The map below shows the village centre, with the old market square now taken over by a car park where the P and C symbols are.

Map of Steyning town centre

The round black circle opposite the old market square marks the clock tower (at right), which at one point housed the town hall. The car park near the library and the museum is in St. Cuthman's Field, facing St. Andrew's Church (below).

Cuthmans Field and St Andrews Church King Alfred's Close, on the east side of the field, recalls a link with the past: The church contains what is believed to be the coffin lid of King Alfred's father, King Aethelwulf. He was originally buried in Steyning, but his remains were later transferred to Winchester.

The school buildings in Church St. (right) are those of the old Grammar School, dating from 1614, although there is known to have been a school in Steyning from at least 1584. The Church St premises are still used for full-time boarding pupils, but also house years 7 and 8 of the day pupils. The later school years are housed in new premises in Shootingfield, down Church Lane. Photo of Steyning Grammar School